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Photographers rely on our studio equipment for its dependability and value. We offer a complete line of studio equipment, including posing kits, background stands, light stands, umbrellas, reflectors, and carry bags for location work.

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  • Background Stands

    Backdrop support solutions for studio photographers. From single to triple, portable to studio, a quality backdrop stand can be painfully obvious when working with one.

  • Posing Equipment

    Posing equipment like stools and tables make it easy to adjust the model’s position, control model movement, and provide comfort and security while posing. We offer a complete posing kit as well as individual pieces for flexibility in creating posing setups.

  • Studio Lights

    Continuous Fluorescent & Quartz Lighting Solutions

  • Reflectors & Umbrellas

    Savage reflectors and umbrellas are essential and inexpensive tools for manipulating light in studio and on location. Our umbrellas and reflectors provide a wide range of choices to suit virtually every situation. Umbrellas are ideal for providing diffuse, soft light with softer shadows or no shadows at all indoors and out. Reflect-O-Boards are primarily used to manage light outdoors. They're a versatile and inexpensive way to create broader, more directional light sources in situations without enough ambient light, for controlling shadows, and increasing illumination to even out contrast or skin tones. 

  • Carry Bags

    Savage Carry Bags and Cases are designed for safe and efficient transportation of equipment to location shoots. Economical yet sturdy, our bags and cases are designed to last.

  • Studio Accessories

    The "behind the scenes" parts of a photo studio need to stay maintained and organized in order to provide the most efficient setup for any photo shoot! Savage offers special storage racks to keep numerous backdrop rolls organized neatly against a wall, and gaffer tape to assist with tying up all loose ends before shooting.

  • Light Stands &...

    Lights need solid support; our light stands provide it at a reasonable price. From 3’ to 13’, Savage Light Stands are durable and compact and can be used for umbrella and reflector support as well. 

    Lighting accessories from Savage facilitate a wide range of light manipulation and control. We offer a variety of options for use with our strobe, quartz, and studio flash lights.

  • Tethered Photography

    What is Tethered Photography?

    Tethered photography is the process of taking a photo with any digital camera, and immediately previewing it on your computer via FireWire or USB cables. After you snap the picture, it immediately displays on your computer using common tethering software. Tethering (or connecting) your camera to your laptop or desktop computer during photo shoots can significantly improve productivity, minimize editing time and provide you and your client with instant previews.

    Relying solely on the small camera display for previewing and assessing images is difficult and time consuming. Shooting tethered allows you to use your larger computer monitor for immediate previews, provides greater opportunity for improved composition and lighting of a photo or studio, and allows for on-the-fly changes to your set, props and models.

    Make Tethered Photography Easy with Tech Tables™ by Savage

    The Airflow Tech Table line of tether tables is specifically designed for photographers shooting tethered to their computer, in the studio or on-site. The Air Flow Tech Table™ solution provides a stable base for any laptop to be securely used, for extended periods of time. With 46 precision-cut ventilated slots and quality aluminum construction, the Air Flow Tech Table™ quickly releases and dissipates any heat generated from laptops and batteries into the surrounding environment, allowing for longer use, without the worry of a damaged or overheated computer. The Tech Table quickly mounts to any standard tripod or light stand with the included universal mounting plate.

  • Macro Photography
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items